Monday, May 14, 2012

Eat Your Peas!

I am really blessed to have such a good little eater!  This hasn't always been the case though. After struggling with breast feeding from the very beginning we had no choice but to seek out help ~ from lactation specialists,  to infant CranioSacral Therapy, to  Le Leche League and lastly an occupational therapist at Children's Hospital we were relentless to find a "cure". After months of struggle and hard work the little one still had no interest in latching on.  Finally I gave up, accepted that Brooklyn had moved on long ago and I should too.  So I pumped until she was 4 months old and then threw in the towel.  Moving on to solid foods was a hurdle I was not quite sure I was ready for after the whole breast feeding fiasco.  Once again, little B proved that she was full of surprises and gobbled solids down from the very beginning.  She now opens her mouth like a little baby bird the minute I put her bib on. Here's what she ate today....

Organic English Peas with Leek & Zucchini (pureed)

start with about 20-25 large pea pods

add 1/4 cup leek

top with 1 medium zucchini

In the Babycook the water level should be 3, once steamed drain out the excess liquid and puree.
This recipe yields about 3 small glass jars.

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